In Dimofact, we acknowledge that the success of our project is directly tied to the exceptional contributions of our incredible partners. Their remarkable achievements have played a fundamental role in bringing our vision to fruition. In this new section, we are delighted to provide you with detailed information about our partners and their profound involvement in our project. Stay tuned to learn more about the collaboration that has made Dimofact possible.

Today, meet our DIMOFAC Partner: NIT

Key Highlights:

  • NIT, a leading Spanish SME, specializes in manufacturing high-speed uncooled detectors and systems sensitive in the Medium Wave IR spectral region.
  • NIT is the sole company worldwide capable of producing uncooled/low-cost MWIR imaging FPAs and systems with an extended response from 1 – 5 microns.

Dimofac Collaboration:

  • NIT is actively involved in DIMOFAC’s WP 3, focusing on flexible plug-and-produce production modules for in-line process monitoring.
  • Participation spans various work packages, including Holistic BOL architecture, Digital Twinning, Pilot lines integration, and Impact management.

Dimofac Impact:

  • NIT’s contribution is pivotal to advancing modular manufacturing with sensors integrated into plug-and-produce modules.
  • DIMOFAC provides a significant platform for NIT to advance its expertise and technology, aligning with the industry’s push for automation.


  • NIT gains crucial insights into the proper integration of different sensors in plug-and-produce modules, addressing challenges related to protocols and physical connections.


  • The collaboration positions NIT at the forefront of industrial automation, addressing the growing need for better sensors and proper integration in modular manufacturing.

Dimofac Innovation in Manufacturing Industry:

  • DIMOFAC’s outcomes play a key role in advancing fully industrial automation, contributing significantly to Europe’s strategic goals.

Here is a video about the company.

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