Two Institutes of CEA Tech are involved in the DIMOFAC project: LIST and LITEN.

LITEN is the overall coordinator of the project and will provide the ALBEA pilot line with printed electronics for intelligent packaging solutions.

LIST will contribute to the digital architecture, the common information model, the digital thread and will support the digital twinning. LIST will also supply robotic modules for post-treatment and non-destructive testing to the pilot lines of EIRECOMPOSITES and SCULPTEO.


In the DIMOFAC project, SIEMENS Industry Software will be in charge of digital twining and making the link between 1D and 3D for Model-Based Systems Engineering purposes.

SIEMENS proposes to focus on levering 1D-3D co-simulation throughout the design cycle to enhance the efficiency of production lines and allow users to predict better of how the product will perform on a daily use basis.

PHILIPS (Netherlands)

In the DIMOFAC project, Philips will be in charge of the development and validation of the modular pilot line for the production of customised shavers.

To this aim, Philips will contribute to the definition of the requirements of the holistic architecture for modular smart factories in order to ensure its alignment with its needs.

Furthermore, Philips will participate in the development of the digital shop floor work instructions related to the injection moulding pilot line and in the development of some flexible Plug-and-Produce modules.

Philips main contribution revolves around the implementation and validation of the DIMOFAC technologies on the Philips industrial pilot line.


In the DIMOFAC project, Albéa will be in charge of the development and validation of the modular pilot line for the production of customised intelligent cosmetic packaging.

In this respect, Albéa will contribute to the definition of the requirements of the holistic architecture for modular smart factories in order to ensure its alignment with its needs.

Besides, Albéa will participate in the development of a quickly reconfigurable workcell and participate in the development of some flexible Plug-and-Produce modules.

Albéa main contribution is the implementation and validation of the DIMOFAC technologies on the Albéa industrial pilot line.


VDL Industrial Modules is a contract-developer and contract-manufacturing firm supplying technical parts, modules and systems to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Development, production and assembly are in-house competences therefore making information exchange sharing effective and swift which result beneficial for the customer.

In addition to this, VDL Industrial Modules offers in-house application expertise in field of: energy storage, dosing and weighing, heating and cooling, precision frames and covering.

VDL Industrial Modules supplies small to mid-range series for various markets. Its excellent logistics and supply chain management as well as its expertise in the field of LEAN manufacturing, allow VDL Industrial Modules to offer a unique combination of Flexibility and Efficiency.

Schaltag AG (Switzerland)

Schaltag AG is one of Europe’s leading electrical cabinet manufacturers and also an expert in the fields of mechatronics and automation and robotic systems with its own engineering department. Recently, Schaltag has expanded into new fields such as interactive large display systems, energy management and e-vehicle charging stations.

In the DIMOFAC project, Schaltag will test the robot’s collaborative capabilities in the manufacturing process of electrical cabinets.


ESI is a pioneer and world-leading provider in Virtual Prototyping that takes into account the physics of materials.
ESI will play two primary roles in DIMOFAC.

On the one hand, ESI is leading the development of an Interoperable common simulation suite capable of integrating different commercial solutions for FEM simulation of a range of
processes involving joining, welding, multimaterial manufacturing.

On the other hand, ESI will research on a system simulation tool useful for reconfiguring a production line. The goal is to optimize productivity of a production line, by modelling the effect on KPIs prior to reconfiguring the production line. In this regard, the system model can be improved by linking the KPIs to acquired data and analytics.

Physicsbased models would represent the finest level of detail. The system model of the manufacturing site would be the coarsest level.


Within DIMOFAC, INTRASOFT will be in charge of the development of the digital backbone of the project that will allow a seamless data flow both horizontally (between different stages of product design and manufacturing such as design, simulation, etc.) and vertically (from process to factory level).

Moreover, INTRASOFT will cover aspects related to cyber-security and will support exploitation and dissemination activities relying on its cascade funding and open call management experience.

COMAU (Italy)

In the DIMOFAC project, COMAU will be supervising the development of the automated and robotics solutions contributing to activities related to flexible production modules. Comau will also have an important role in the development and integration platform of production lines.

COMAU will actively assist in the demonstrator setup of three industrial partners that will act as user cases for the pilot lines: VDL Industrial Modules, Philips, Sculpteo.

COMAU will be supporting the pilot owner and the other partners in the integration and deployment on the production site.

Moreover, Comau will contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of the project.


Sculpteo is one of the European leaders in additive manufacturing services. The company was founded in 2009 and prints thousands of parts every week in its factory. 

Sculpteo teams have been working for 9 years on developing innovation for additive manufacturing (software as well as production processes and finishes).

Sculpteo developed its own additive manufacturing ERP to manage the whole additive manufacturing workflow from order submission to production to shipping.

Sculpteo was founded by Eric Carreel (serial entrepreneur, Chairman), Jacques Lewiner (scientist, Scientific Director at ESPCI Engineering School under Nobel Prize Pierre Gilles de Gennes’ management) and Clément Moreau (software engineer, CEO).

FILL (Austria)

FILL is an Austrian worldwide leading mechanical engineering and plant construction company. It has a comprehensive portfolio ranging from woodworking machines and production systems for industrial composite production to metal working machines.

In the DIMOFAC project FILL will implement and integrate the second pilot line related to metal and thermoplastic joining for Aerospace Components.

For dissemination and exploitation purposes, FILL will deploy a showroom in its Fill Future Zone on modular and reconfigurable production lines for demonstrating hard and software interfaces for plug and produce capabilities and modular equipment deployment.


ÉireComposites is the aerospace end user for the DIMOFAC project and will specify aerospace products that can be more effectively manufactured using a modular production equipment.

It is the pilot line leader for aerospace manufacturing and will manufacture the demonstrators that validate the technology in an aerospace industry context.

ÉireComposites will perform destructive and non-destructive testing of demonstrators to verify that the parts meet aerospace requirements. The organisation will assist other project partners in performing their testing where appropriate.

ÉireComposites has a strong R&D focus and plans to publish project results that are relevant in the aerospace sector.


NIT is an SME whose core business is manufacturing and commercialising high speed uncooled detectors and systems sensitive in the Medium Wave IR spectral region (MWIR/1-5 microns). At the time being, NIT is the only company in the world able to manufacture uncooled/low cost MWIR imaging FPAs and systems with extended response from 1 – 5 microns.


Based on their high speed IR cameras, NIT has developed and, at present time, is commercializing systems for monitoring and close loop controlling laser based processes as it is the case of CLAMIR system (LMD) or IR3Lasweld for laser welding.


Technology Transfer System (TTS) was founded in 1993 and its business profile has been widened during time complementing traditional research activities in the area of simulation and knowledge management with the development of proprietary and customised IT solutions for manufacturing companies and technology transfer actions.

Recently, company business has incorporated consultancy on business development, support to innovation management and quality and environmental assurance. Developing and providing integrated product-service solutions to SMEs is TTS’ main commitment, with the goal to find customised and effective answers to its customers’ requirements and growth targets.

The main activities for TTS in DIMOFAC is the design and development of intelligent digital twins for reconfigurable prodcution modules that will be validated on Polimi I4.0 lab.


A science-based company that provides engineering expertise in Opto-Mechanical and Machine Design, Embedded Software, Electronics, as well as Material Processing technologies with the aim of offering industrial solutions for advanced manufacturing.

The technology developed by EXOM Engineering enables a real-time control of adaptive optical systems allowing the application of a range of beam shaping techniques that can be used to tackle different industrial processes. The developed custom hardware and software solutions make possible a flexible and selective application of energy to infinite materials during industrial production processes.


FundingBox provides access to funding opportunities, knowledge and connections through specialised communities that are related to specific tech initiatives: Smart Mobility, Robotics, Decentralised Technologies, Circular Economy, Next Generation Internet, Industry 4.0, etc.

Communities are accessible within an open-culture platform thanks to which stakeholders from startups, SMEs, Research & Technology Centres and a variety of other organisations meet, interact and collaborate.

Within DIMOFAC, FundingBox is more particularly involved in communication activities in order to share and exploit the results that will stem from the implemention of flexible production lines.


TOPSOLID SAS, whose headquarters is located just outside Paris, France, is the software developer of the TopSolid CAD/CAM/ERP software range dedicated to mechanical manufacturing, toolmaking, wood and sheetmetal industries. The company was founded in 1984 and has been present on the international market since 1997.

In 2019 company turnover was €47 million for 325 employees. Every year, TOPSOLID invests in the region of 20% of its annual turnover in Research and Development for its integrated software range. TOPSOLID SAS exports approximately 70% of its software licenses via a network of 70 value added resellers throughout the world. 


In the DIMOFAC project, INNOVALIA collaborates in the planning and implementation of the project´s dissemination and communication activities. The association will be in charge of the involvement of the project in the
different networks related to DIHs currently active in the European Commission and also link it to other communities such as BDVA, EFFRA and SPIRE.


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) competing on the international market for high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity machines have been outsourcing the manufacturing of sub-assemblies and larger non-core submodules to strategic suppliers and are increasingly outsourcing the design and development of the equipment as well, giving suppliers full responsibility for these modules, from design to manufacturing.

This shift is driving suppliers to push their own boundaries in terms of feasibility and responsibility, and to extend their reach across international borders in order to tap into new, foreign markets. To be able to follow up on these developments, over 100 tier-one, tier-two and tier-three suppliers in the open high-tech supply chain in The Netherlands have joined forces in the Brainport Industries consortium.

Brainport Industries provides a fertile ground and a solid structure for collaborative projects whether they are related to technology, markets or people.
Brainport Industries has grown to become the world’s leading open supply network for high tech companies, and our ambition is to further strengthen and develop it.


As a pioneer and forerunner, the non-profit organisation SmartFactory addresses and presents the paradigms and ICT innovations in manufacturing-related processes, right from its foundation in 2005.

It establishes a big network of industrial and research partners who initiate and implement together innovation projects ranging from evaluation of base technologies to the development of marketable products.

An important element of SmartFactory’s mission is to move innovations as quickly as possible from the lab into the marketplace.

DIMOFAC concepts will be integrated by SmartFactory into the worlds most advanced vendor independent modular pilot line environment with the focus on plug and produce.

It will support the partners with the pilot lines integration and demonstration. Moreover, SmartFactory and its partners’ network will act as the multipliers for dissemination, exploitation and standardisation activities.

CECIMO (Belgium)

CECIMO is the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies. It brings together 15 National Associations of machine tool builders, which represent approximately 1300 industrial enterprises in Europe (EU, EFTA, Turkey), over 80% of which are SMEs. CECIMO covers 98% of total Machine Tool production in Europe and about 36% worldwide.


Swiss Smart Factory (SSF) is Switzerland’s leading and internationally recognised competence center in application-oriented research on “Industry 4.0”. SSF was created in May 2017 hence becoming the first official Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) in Switzerland.

SSF will take over the responsibility to the Swiss pilot line focusing on high-value manufacturing. Being Switzerland’s first DIH, SSF will also acts as a multiplier for DIMOFAC’s innovation results. It sets focus on supporting manufacturing SMEs with the uptake and introduction of the DIMOFAC project outcome.

Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (Greece)

LMS will work on the digital platform for modular production and will contribute to activities related to flexible production modules, leading activities related to physical process modelling and contributing to tasks related to on-line process control quality assurance.

LMS will also lead developments regarding the reconfiguration tools for production lines and will actively assist in the demonstrator setup for three DIMOFAC’s user cases: VDL-IM, PHILIPS, SCULPTEO. 

LMS will also run a pilot line at its premises for the VDL-IM case before setting up the final one within the VDL-IM premises. Lastly, LMS will actively contribute to the project’s dissemination, exploitation and training activities and will lead the technical coordination of the project.


IPC is the Technical Industrial Centre of the French plastics and composites industry cluster, with more than 3000 SMEs directly connected to IPC. As such, IPC is in charge of providing the plastics and composites industry cluster with innovative and high added-value facilities and manufacturing platforms, cutting-edge expertise and services. IPC covers the full industry value chain with its key fields of expertise include design and simulation of parts and processes, advanced injection moulding and tooling, thermoplastics materials, composites materials, plastronics.

Main markets addressed today encompass automotive, aeronautics, health, packaging, connectors, house appliances, and watch-making.


TECNALIA will collaborate in the development and integration of the physical pilot-line by joining a family of multi-material components for the aerospace sector.

TECNALIA will be more specifically in charge of the development of smart control and supervision system for the laser joining module.

TNO (Netherlands)

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is the largest research organisation of the Netherlands dedicated to Applied Scientific Research, and one of Europe’s largest independent research institutes for technological and strategic research and consultancy.

In the DIMOFAC project, TNO will be in charge of the data infrastructure and overall architecture with a specific focus on vertical integration and will have a supporting role in horizontal integration.

TNO provides knowledge on several state-of-the-art architectures and technologies, such as IDS (International Data Spaces) and blockchain. In addition, TNO will contribute with its knowledge and expertise on the usage of semantic web technologies for defining information models.

DFKI (Germany)

Founded in 1988, DFKI is one of the largest non-profit contract research institutes in the field of innovative software technology based on Artificial Intelligence methods.  

The  research  department  Innovative  Factory  Systems  (IFS)  has  been  active  since  1998  in  the  field  of  ambient intelligence systems and user interface design for technical systems.

With its SmartFactory Living Lab DFKI-IFS addresses and demonstrates ICT innovations in manufacturing-related processes.  

DFKI will support the development of the overall modular production lines’ concepts and system  architecture as well as the common information model to ensure interoperability of modules and services. 

The further focus will be given to the adaption of the existing middleware regarding the flexible, plug-and-produce capable production modules, modules’ orchestration and semantic reasoning. 

AIMEN (Spain)

As part of DIMOFAC, AIMEN will contribute in the field of flexible manufacturing, robotics, embedded control, horizontal and vertical integration, and data analytics.

AIMEN will oversee hardware and software interfaces for equipment modules and the development of an embedded platform for control.

AIMEN will deploy open-pilot line in Additive Manufacturing and thermoplastic tape-placement.


Politecnico di Milano is the most important technical university in Italy and among the first fifty technical universities in the word, according to recent rankings.

In DIMOFAC, Politecnico di Milano will participate in the “Manufacturing Group” team of its School of Management (SoM), providing its Industry 4.0 (I4.0) Laboratory infrastructure for one of the DIMOFAC open pilot lines.

Moreover, POLIMI is one of the DIHs in the EU Catalogue and it is the leading organisation of the MADE (in Italy) Competence Center in Milano, extending the current I4.0 didactic factory toward one of the DIMOFAC lighthouse factories.


DATAPIXEL designs, develops and manufactures systems and solutions in the field of computer vision and dimensional metrology in industrial and professional applications.

DATAPIXEL performs the design, development and commissioning of non-contact optical instrumentation in production line and measurement software for quality control, dimensional and geometrical inspection.

In DIMOFAC, DATAPIXEL supplies solutions in 3D dimensional inspection, virtual metrology and in-line inspection. Non-contact measurement and 3D digitizing systems of DATAPIXEL allows the generation, processing and use of the dimensional information throughout the entire product life cycle.

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