In Dimofact, we acknowledge that the success of our project is directly tied to the exceptional contributions of our incredible partners. Their remarkable achievements have played a fundamental role in bringing our vision to fruition. In this new section, we are delighted to provide you with detailed information about our partners and their profound involvement in our project. Stay tuned to learn more about the collaboration that has made Dimofact possible.

Today, meet our DIMOFAC Partner: Siemens

Key Highlights:

  • Siemens Digital Industry Software aims to create a more sustainable future by empowering innovators with predictive simulation and test applications.
  • Their involvement in DIMOFAC centers around digital twining and linking 1D and 3D simulations, particularly in the Model-Based Systems Engineering domain.

Dimofac Collaboration:

  • Siemens is responsible for leveraging 1D-3D co-simulation to enhance production lines, focusing on use cases proposed by ALBEA and PHILIPS in collaboration with IPC.
  • They contribute multiphysics simulation software, such as Simcenter Amesim and Star CCM+, integrating fluid dynamics, thermal, and mechanical solutions.

Dimofac Impact:

  • Siemens gains valuable knowledge in the injection molding area, particularly in developing molding screw components and understanding non-Newtonian fluid physics.
  • The creation of a workflow following the AAS standard is a significant benefit.


  • Siemens highlights the ongoing challenge of adapting fluid dynamics components to non-Newtonian physics, emphasizing the need for further investigations and data comparison.


  • Siemens sees benefits in improved software-hardware connections, reducing machine commissioning time through virtual calibration.
  • The virtual sensors based on the digital twin model enhance parts quality and reduce waste in the manufacturing process.

Dimofac Innovation in Manufacturing Industry:

  • Siemens anticipates that DIMOFAC will revolutionize software connection with hardware, streamlining machine commissioning and enhancing overall production efficiency.

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