In Dimofact, we acknowledge that the success of our project is directly tied to the exceptional contributions of our incredible partners. Their remarkable achievements have played a fundamental role in bringing our vision to fruition. In this new section, we are delighted to provide you with detailed information about our partners and their profound involvement in our project. Stay tuned to learn more about the collaboration that has made Dimofact possible.

Today, meet our DIMOFAC Partner: FILL

Here’s a condensed summary:

FILL is an international leader in special machine and plant engineering for the automotive, aerospace, sports, energy wood and construction industries

Key Highlights:

  • FILL, founded in 1966, is a global leader in special machine and plant engineering, specializing in robotic machining and Industry 4.0 solutions.
  • FILL CYBERNETICS products, integral to FILL’s machines, monitor processes, track components, and optimize plants using artificial intelligence.
  • FILL is a family-owned company with 975 employees, 130,000 m² operating area, and recorded sales of 187 million euros in 2022.

DIMOFAC Collaboration:

  • FILL leads Operational Technology (OT) implementation in DIMOFAC, focusing on multimaterials and advanced joining technologies.
  • Actively involved in hardware and software interfaces, plug-and-produce capabilities, and modular equipment deployment and testing.
  • Playing a crucial role in the industrial exploitation of DIMOFAC’s solutions, deploying an industrial showroom (NC Robot Lab) for showcasing benefits to other companies.


  • Learning the handling and processing of metal/thermoplastic multi-material parts.
  • Establishing a portfolio of production modules, including laser texturing, metal/thermoplastic induction joining, and US scanning techniques.
  • The collaboration reinforces the feasibility of automating flexible production lines for multi-material components using robots with flexible tools.


  • Gained experience in developing and deploying intelligent, modular, and reconfigurable production lines for complex products.


  • Affirms the feasibility of automating flexible production lines for multi-material components.
  • Enhances the understanding of handling metal/thermoplastic multi-material parts.
  • Contributes to the establishment of a production module portfolio.

DIMOFAC Innovation in Manufacturing Industry:

  • DIMOFAC’s solutions, fusing digital models with real manufacturing, could introduce a true modular factory concept.
  • Potential for highly adaptable production lines, employing AAS architecture for rapid reconfiguration and commissioning.
  • Anticipated increase in market share and access to new areas and customers through innovative manufacturing solutions.

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