A study from 2018 predicted that more than 8 million manufacturing jobs worldwide could be unfilled in 2030. Why do industrial positions seem unattractive?

Why is a sector, so crucial to our everyday lives, that produces about everything around us, from tables, clothes, and books to ping-pong rackets, robots and cars, struggling to attract young people?

The manufacturing industry is facing a double challenge: fight against some negative misconceptions but also reinvent itself to rise over the criticisms against it.

Diversity, working conditions, skills, career growth, etc. The list of topics is long, join us in the new Industry 4.0 Web Café edition to discuss the causes and the concrete solutions that can be put in place.

📅 15 November 2022 – 10:30 CET

🗣️ Speakers:

This webinar is organised by several manufacturing initiatives: IntegraddeDIMOFACLevel-upPeneloPeI4MSi4QChange2Twin.