This statistic from a PWC report on the Future of Manufacturing shows that manufacturers cannot afford to lag behind if they want to remain competitive. Following the manufacturing consulting company Aeva, implementing Digital Factory solutions can lead to drastic reductions in costs, equipment utilisation and more.

But how do you achieve digital transformation?

The industrial landscape in Europe is made up mostly of SMEs. Do these businesses have the knowledge, the funds, to digitalise their factory and substantially improve their productivity? What is the status of digitalisation for these companies and what challenges should they overcome?

Take a break with various European Smart Factory initiatives including DIMOFAC to join our first Industry 4.0 Web Café to discuss the future of European factories.

How to register? Click here!
When? 31 August – 12:00 CEST.

This panel discussion will be hosted by representatives of 5 European manufacturing digitalisation initiatives:
Integradde, whose goal is to implement additive manufacturing for large metal parts,
DIMOFAC, aiming at reconfiguring assembly lines faster to adapt to mass-customisation production,
Penelope, developing a novel closed-loop digital pipeline,
Level-Up, intending to make industrial equipment last longer,
I4MS, the flagship European initiative to digitalise SMEs in Europe.