DIMOFAC is a project that came to life to help factories make their assembly lines more responsive to demand changes. This implies in particular automating and computerising manual industrial processes in order to be able to reconfigure production lines in no time.

DIMOFAC is only one of the many EU-funded industrial projects that intends to digitalise factories for them to be more productive. Among them, we can also find LEVEL-UP (make industrial equipment last longer) and INTEGRADDE (manufacturing of certified metal parts with 3D printing processes).

After a successful application, the three initiatives will take part in the Horizon Results Booster (HRB) that will help them multiply their outreach through free consulting services and common communication initiatives. This serves the purpose of DIMOFAC which is to reach a maximum of industrial entities in Europe that could be keen on adopting its homemade technology and process: the DIMOFAC Modular Factory Solution, to reconfigure production lines faster.  

The HBR will actually also give concrete support in this respect too as one of the pillars of its service is precisely helping projects go to market: the service will support beneficiaries to identify and/or address potential obstacles to the exploitation of project results and reach commercialisation.

Read more about the Horizon Results Booster here.