The EU Valorization Week held in 25-28 April 2023 provided professionals with a unique platform to exchange experiences, explore methodologies, and foster peer learning focused on sustainability, intellectual asset management, and industry-academia cooperation. The event aimed to facilitate networking, trend exploration, and the sharing of expertise, ultimately fostering collaboration and shaping the future of sustainable development and collaborative ventures.

DIMOFAC is a European project that aims to develop solutions to reconfigure assembly lines faster and thus make factories more responsive to demand changes.. The project’s outstanding achievements led to its feature on the EU Valorization Week webpage as a Success Story, symbolizing the acknowledgment of the consortium profound knowledge and expertise in the domains of research and innovation.

The inclusion of DIMOFAC in the EU Valorization Week webpage reflects the project’s status as a leading force within this esteemed forum, showcasing it’s remarkable progress in research and innovation. It also underscores its potential for transformative change that lies within the intersection of collaboration, sustainability, and intellectual asset management

To discover DIMOFAC’s Success Story click HERE.