he Digital Manufacturing Industrial Summit (DMIS) took place in in Valencia on 25-27 April, 2023. This event was organized by Universitat Politéctina de Valencia, UNINOVA and ICE Information Catalyst. Among the supporters of this event, was the DIMOFAC project.


The aim of DMIS is to provide a networking conference to answer these questions by linking industry, technology, and research together, by exploring the latest interpretations of concepts, and by understanding how others have already benefited.

DIMOFAC hosted a booth during the event were we could speak to all interested stalkeholders in the DIMOFAC Expression of Interest and all the technolgies developed by the project.

Apart from the booth, DIMOFAC also organized a workshop titled: ‘Manufacturing Reconfiguration and Flexibility’

Description of the session: The digitalization of the Manufacturing industry opens the path for mass customization but requires leveraging the existing manufacturing ecosystems and establishing a collaborative manufacturing environment. This session will focus on key aspects that are called to modernise the manufacturing production lines in the years to come: modularity, adaptability, licensing, connectivity and responsiveness. The need for a continuous production adaptation mind-set has shown its relevance during the covid-19 pandemic but, how will this mind-set be sustainable over time? This and other matters will be the object of discussion with the audience.

See below the speakers of the session and download the presentations:


Moderator:  Inés Arias Iglesias – Project Manager at FundingBox


Why and how the synergy of multiple skills enables the development of the modular factory

   Speaker: Cécile Girardot – EU Project manager at CEA Liten

Digital Platform applied for Induction Welding: A success Story

   Speaker: Asif Mohammed – Digital Manufacturing Lead at AIMEN Technology Centre

Test-Before-Invest for Manufacturing Reconfiguration Technologies

   Speaker: Kuba Kruszelnicki – Head of Technology Transfer at Fundingbox

Enabling Customized/Personalized FMCG Product Co-Creation through Digitalized Non-Discrete Manufacturing

   Speaker: Chandana Ratnayake – Chief Scientist at SINTEF

A framework for optimisation algorithms and their application in different models of industrial, commercial and governmental organisations

   Speaker: Gerardo Minella – R&D line coordinator at ITI – Instituto Tecnológico de Informática

Industry 4.0-Enabled Transformation of Legacy Milling Stations: A Paradigm Shift towards Automation and Efficiency

   Speaker: Zoi Arkouli – Research Engineer at Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation

How Common Information Model Supports Plug-and-Produce Scenarios

   Speaker: Aleksandr Sidorenko – Researcher at DFKI GmbH


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