At the end of May, the European Commission conducted its first review of the DIMOFAC initiative. The goal: to make sure everything is on track regarding the various sub-objectives that were agreed with the European Commission related to helping factories reconfigure production lines faster:

  • Defining a common architecture for factories resorting to modular production.
  • Creating a digital infrastructure that will be supporting fast and easy production line reconfiguration.
  • Creating flexible plug-and-produce production modules.
  • Designing reconfigurable production lines.
  • Integrating the solution into the pilot lines.
  • Reaching a maximum of European Factories in order to invite them to use the DIMOFAC solution.

This meeting was attended by the DIMOFAC Project Officer, Ewelina Rathje, appointed expert, Dr. Wilfried Lerch, and all 30 project partners, led by project coordinator, CEA. 

Through an interactive discussion and Q&A and despite not being able to meet physically, the partners were able to report the collaborative efforts and progress of the past 18 months as well as align on the next steps to maximise the potential scientific, technological, economic, competitive, and social impact of the DIMOFAC initiative. 

The DIMOFAC consortium would like to extend our gratitude to the European Commission, represented by Ewelina Rathje from the HADEA unit, and Dr. Wilfried Lerch for their time and insights during the meeting.

Amidst closed borders and challenging collaborative work conditions, the DIMOFAC initiative continues to make leaps on its path of faster and more efficient reconfiguration.